Helix Creates New DNA Product Studio To Promote Genomic Technology

Helix, a company specializing in personal genomics, recently announced the creation of a new DNA Product Studio that will facilitate partners development and distribution of DNA products. This Product Studio will allow partners to bring their new innovative products to Helix in a matter of a few weeks and get them on the market. This platform builds on Helix’s growing collection of genomic technology and insight and will facilitate the release of all partners innovative genomic systems.

The DNA Product Studio will help Helix partners utilize the power of genomics to personalize existing products, create new ones, and foster preventative health breakthroughs. Helix itself is a partner centered platform that aims to help partners utilize genetic insights to promote customer engagement and create and enhance existing technologies. Services they provide include evaluation of scientific evidence, policy and security review, data security, sample collection, and flexible payments on data access. Helix’s goal is to eliminate all existing barriers to operations and innovation of their partners, allowing them to focus solely on their goals in genetic technology development. With this new Product Studio, organizations will better be able to reach their existing audiences and reach new ones in the demanding market of DNA technology.

“These tools will allow partners to better focus on their strength, whether that’s genomics expertise for our health partners who may not have product teams, or great product experiences for consumer partners who don’t have in-house science teams or a CLIA-CAP accredited laboratory,” said Justin Kao, cofounder, SVP of business development and partnerships. “For others, who may lack sizable teams in both areas, we’re excited to offer a new suite of building blocks that will allow them to launch great DNA products quickly, supported by our policy, applied genomics, and bioinformatics teams.”

This DNA Product Studio will incorporate an Ancestry API, allowing partners to access ancestry for six global populations. A Genomics API is included in the studio as well, allowing partners to access an immense genomic database with 100 million DNA base pairs, indels and copy variants. Partners will have access to apps embedded in the studio, allowing them to launch sites on Helix’s system without having to code for it, and an Insight API containing results of genetic traits and conditions.

We want to help partners tap into the rapidly growing market for personal genomics, and Helix’s new DNA Product Studio enables our partners to launch new genomic tests and products in a matter of weeks, with no software development required” said Chris Glode, Chief Product Officer at Helix. “We’re making product development easier, pioneering new avenues for preventive health products to reach the market. Millions of people are becoming more proactive about their own health, and in a world where more and more people have access to their genome, responsible and high-quality return of results is critical. We’re excited about the number of new partners and products we can support with DNA Product Studio.”

Helix has shown impressive growth this year, with a $200 million funding round concluding just this past March. The company claims that this funding will go towards expanding its personal genomics marketplace and facilitate commercial use of genomics. Helix has also has formed a relatively new partnership with MyVytalics, a company focusing on aging. The two are working together to create a personal genomic app that will analyze genetic implications in nutrition and sleep patterns.

Sources: BioSpace, MobiHealthNews, Helix