GYANT: AI-Powered App Diagnosing and Treating Patients

GYANT, a San-Francisco-based healthcare startup has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat application that allows patients to receive symptom-based diagnosis and assistance from healthcare professionals. Users are prompted with a series of questions regarding their reported symptoms, which are processed by its AI interface to produce a statistically determined diagnosis.

What sets GYANT apart from other diagnosing apps is that it actually pairs patients with official medical providers who give them an official diagnosis. All of these providers are licensed to practice in California and can even prescribe users with medication through GYANT when necessary. Patients also receive follow-up messages from GYANT after interaction with a practitioner to check on their symptoms.

This startup company was a member of the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator program  in fall 2017. This three-month program is based in Los Angeles and provides companies with $120,000 in funding, access to the Cedars-Sinai nonprofit hospital, mentorship from over 300 leading executives and clinicians, and access to a network consisting of over 10,000 investors and entrepreneurs. Among this program’s class were other innovative healthcare startups such as Aiva Health, a voice-powered care assistant, and CancerAid, an app supporting patients through cancer management.

gyant“We believe that you don’t have to stop your life [to get care],” said Pascal Zuta, GYANT co-founder and CEO, in an interview. He spoke on the apps convenience, stating that “you can pull out your phone and start chatting with GYANT. We always say it’s like chatting with a friend who happens to be a physician.” He adds that GYANT is working with healthcare systems that can purchase the company’s services to offer their patients. GYANT is also capable of integrating these system’s health records as well.

The company’s site states their overarching values to be as follows:

Focus on Impact – We want to make a difference in the world of healthcare and are motivated to help people at scale

Freedom and Accountability – We trust each other to make independent decisions and hold each other accountable for results

Meritocracy of Ideas – Everyone at GYANT has a voice and we make decisions based on objective criteria to implement the best ideas

Intensity – We work passionately towards our vision and understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint

Candor – We give and accept candid, respectful feedback in service of personal and professional development

Personal Development – We strive to better ourselves and help each other grow”

Sources: MedCityNews, GYANT