3D Systems Partners with CollPlant to 3D BioPrint Tissues

3D Systems, a leading company in 3D printing technologies, has recently partnered with the Israeli bioprinting firm CollPlant to generate artificial tissues and scaffolds. This collaboration will allow the two to combine their technologies in the 3D printing space, specifically the physical printers from 3D Systems and CollPlant’s proprietary recombinant human collagen (rhCollagen), which is a bioink used to 3D print organic tissues.

“3D Systems is excited to work with CollPlant to develop groundbreaking bioprinted tissue and scaffold technologies,” explained Chuck Hull, co-founder, and chief technology officer of 3D Systems. “We believe 3D printing to be a key technology for regenerative medicine, and this collaboration is one of many we are entering to play an integral role in this exciting field. Combining our innovative 3D printing technologies with CollPlant’s rhCollagen based bioinks has the potential to make a significant impact in bioprinting and regenerative medicine.”

CollPlant’s rhCollagen Bioink

CollPlant emphasizes its work on regenerative medicine, with its unique rhCollagen acting as a 3D printing substrate. This bioink functions as a support system for human stem cells, which can flourish and contribute to the artificial tissue. The rhCollagen is derived from genetically engineered tobacco plants, making it a plant-based solution.

The company has partaken in several endeavors aiming to further enhance the rhCollagen, hopefully leading to the 3D printing of an artificial organ. It is important to note that the application of this bioprinted tissue is still in infancy stages, however, companies like CollPlant are at the forefront of making this possible.

CollPlant formed another partnership with United Therapeutics Corporation in 2018 as well. United formed a licensing agreement with CollPlant to utilize their rhCollagen to 3D print lung models. CollPlant has also announced that it is experimenting its technology in breast implants as well.

3D Systems has formed multiple partnerships in the biomedical space as well, including an agreement to make organs that are suitable for human transplants with the United Therapeutics Corporation. This partnership will aim its focus specifically at 3D printing lung tissue. 3D Systems has also teamed up with the biotechnology company Antleron to make regenerative products that are personalized to patients.

“We strongly believe that our proven rhCollagen is the finest building block for regenerative medicine tissues and scaffolds available today,” said Yehiel Tal, CollPlant CEO. “As the leading additive manufacturing printing solutions company, 3D Systems is the perfect partner for us. Together, we can offer the best combined technology for 3D bioprinting. We are honored to have established this important collaboration and we look forward to working together to advance 3D bioprinting technology to the commercial phase.”