Cardio Round-up: Metformin Prevents Mortality; HFSA 2019 Highlights; and More

This week’s edition looks some potential cardiovascular benefits from metformin, a worrying trend in heart failure, an interventional update, and other news from the Heart Failure Society of America Scientific Sessions (HFSA 2019).

Metformin Lowers All-cause Mortality in Type 2 Diabetics

The commonly prescribed therapy metformin was associated with a reduction in all-cause mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes, but not with cardiovascular mortality. This analysis of the SAVOR-TIMI 53 patient population sheds some light on the potential cardiac benefits of metformin in diabetic patients.

Analysis: Metformin Lowers All-cause Death in Type 2 Diabetics


Analysis: Heart Failure Burden Increasing Among Black Adults in U.S.

Reported from HFSA 2019, this important analysis shows that when it comes to overall heart failure burden among different groups in the U.S. population, disparities in overall heart failure burden persist between black adults and white adults.

Heart Failure Burden Increasing for Black Adults in the U.S.

LVAD Outflow Cannula Positioning Matters

More research our of HFSA 2019, this time for interventional cardiologists. If you’re implanting left ventricular assist devices, the positioning of the outflow cannula is critical for keeping down the risk for a subsequent stroke.

LVAD Outflow Cannula Position Linked with Higher Stroke Risk

Other Heart Failure Society of America 2019 Highlights

In addition to the stories listed above, there were other interesting studies presented at the HFSA 2019 meeting in Philadelphia this past weekend. Of note, there were some interesting results in two different studies looking at spironolactone. Check out our coverage below!

Heart Failure Society of America 2019: Virtual Visits, Spironolactone Issues, and Reasons to Worry