Cardio Round-up: Interviews, COVID-19 Updates, and More

Lower Myocarditis Prevalence in Athletes Who Had COVID-19

Researchers for the case series study, publishing in JAMA Cardiology, evaluated 145 student athletes with COVID-19 (mile to moderate symptoms during acute infection), as well as cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings two weeks after positive COVID-19 testing. According to their results, there was a low prevalence of myocarditis among young athletes who had recovered from COVID-19, and cardiac MRI had low utility for myocarditis in this patient group.

Low Prevalence of Myocarditis in Athletes Recovered from COVID-19

VIDEO: Dr. Marc Bonaca Talks VOYAGER-PAD Implications

DocWire News chats with Marc Bonaca, MD, of the University of Colorado, about the VOYAGER study on which he was a primary investigator, and about the implications of the study results for patients with atherosclerotic disease. This is part one of a two-part interview.

VOYAGER, Atherosclerotic Disease, and More: An Interview with Marc Bonaca, MD

VIDEO: Dr. Vic Tapson on Rivaroxaban in VTE and More

In this second installment of the interview, Dr. Victor Tapson talks with DocWire News about rivaroxaban use in patients with venous thromboembolism, and about how COVID-19 has affected practice and treatment in these patients.

Rivaroxaban, COVID-19, and VTE with Victor Tapson, MD

The Impact of COVID-19 on Cardiac Diagnostic Procedures

COVID-19 has affected just about every area of medicine and life for most of us, and diagnostic cardiology is no different. A recent analysis suggests that the pandemic has had the ripple effect of causing a worldwide reduction in the number of cardiac diagnostic procedures.

COVID-19 Impacted Worldwide Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease