Cardio Round-up: “Fat But Fit” a Bust for Heart Health; and Much More

No “Fat But Fit” When It Comes To Your Heart

If you’ve been using this as an excuse to get to work chipping away at weight loss, you might want to think again. A new study indicates that while physical activity is preferable to nothing when you’re overweight, risks to heart health remain high even with physical activity factored in.

No Such Thing As “Fat But Fit” for Heart Health: Study

COVID-19 Not Friendly to Pregnancy

Perhaps surprising nobody, a new analysis in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that women giving birth who have COVID-19 had higher rates of preeclampsia, venous thromboembolism, and even mortality. The study included data on more than 400,000 women.

Mortality, Preeclampsia Up for Women With COVID-19 Giving Birth

How To Turn Down the Heart Damage from a Cancer Drug

A research team may have identified a potential therapeutic avenue that could help prevent the permanent heart damage commonly associated with the use of doxorubicin. Although the study was done in mouse models, the researchers think they may be able to use another therapy (the tyrosine kinase inhibitor nilotinib) to interfere with cardiac cell protein transfers that doxorubicin uses to accumulate in cardiomyocytes.

Researchers ID Therapy That May Block Doxorubicin-linked Heart Damage

Diabetics with No Obstructive CAD Have Lower Risk, But…

Results from a new study of more than 5,700 diabetic patients suggested that patients with diabetes but no obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) have essentially normal 10-year risk for heart attacks compared to the general population, abut also that they remain at elevated risk for ischemic stroke and also mortality compared to the same general population. “Our observational study provides data on the cardiovascular risk in Danish patients with diabetes compared to the Danish general population,” the authors wrote. “The results, however, may not be representative for patients with diabetes or general population individuals in other countries with different health care systems and ethnicities

Normal Risk for Diabetics with No Obstructive CAD