Cardio Round-up: Conversations with Cardio Experts, and More

A Cardiology Paper Paused Big-10 Football, and What’s Next

Recently acknowledged inconsistencies and issues with some study data suggest we should still keep an open mind while progressing forward cautiously; the Big-10 football program has resumed with stringent COVID-19 testing requirements. This conversation between two experts in the field explores the paper, its fallout, its flaws, and what comes next. This video is a conversation between cardiologist Dr. Payal Kohli and Dr. Venkatesh “Venk” Murthy, of the University of Michigan.

Cardiology Research Helped Temporarily Nix Big-10 Football. How Do We Proceed?

More on CV MRI Outcomes in Former COVID-19 Patients (Part 2)

This is the second part of a conversation between DocWire News section editor and cardiologist Dr. Payal Kohli and researcher Dr. Valentina Puntmann, regarding an important recent paper of hers (and some subsequent updates/corrections) on cardiovascular outcomes in patients recovering from COVID-19.

Cardiovascular MRI Outcomes in Patients Recovered from COVID-19 (Part 2)

Women vs. Men for Aggressive Treatment Following Heart Pump Failures

This retrospective study included data on more than 90,000 individual patient admissions  (n=90,648; 26% women) from the National Inpatient Sample, between 2000 to 2017. Patients had in-hospital heart attacks complicated by cardiogenic shock. According to the results, women were less likely than men to receive coronary angiography (78% vs. 81.4%, respectively). There was also a large discrepancy in angiographies performed on day of hospital admission (49.2% vs. 54.1%, respectively). “It is very concerning that the young, productive women of our society face these health care disparities,” the study’s lead author wrote.

Women Get Less Aggressive Care than Men Following Pumping Failure