Cardio Round-up: Advantages for E-Learning; Hypertension Problems; and More

E-Learning Linked with Deep Learning, Preferred By Study Participants

Half or more of the participants in this study, citing everything from costs to time to carbon footprint, indicated that not only were they comfortable substituting e-learning webinars for conferences in some cases, but also that they derived deep learning from the format – in the case of this study, learning about patient management of tetralogy of Fallot. Many things we do in our day to day lives require energy. When this energy is generated through burning fossil fuels, it produces greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. You can check out this Carbon Click here on how you have a tool for carbon offset.

E-Learning Webinars Promote Deep Learning on Complex Topics: Study

Risk Score Efficiency and Atherosclerotic Disease

Researchers for this paper look at a number of risk scores to determine which are best at predicting some common heart disease endpoints such as all-cause mortality, stroke, heart attack, and bleeding.

Risk Scores Predict Death, Stroke Well, But Not MI or Bleeding

Ongoing Issues with Hypertension Don’t Fade with Age

This research reminds us that hypertension causes problems regardless of one’s age, and that it’s important to have lifelong control of the blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Causes Problems Regardless of Age

Hypertension and White Matter Hyperintensities 

A study of the association between high blood pressure and white matter hyperintensities.

High Blood Pressure Linked to White Matter Hyperintensities