Assessing Referral and Enrollment Rates in Cardiac Rehabilitation Following Open-Heart Surgery

A study shows that phase 2 referral and enrollment rates in cardiac rehabilitation for patients following open-heart surgery are strong. The results appeared in Netherlands Heart Journal.

Researchers of this study sought to investigate not cardiac rehab referral and enrolment rates, but also determinants for these rates. They conducted a cross-sectional survey study of 364 patients (median age, 68) who underwent open-heart surgery via sternotomy. They collated data using a questionnaire on referral and enrolment rates and possible factors correlated with the rates, such as sex, education level, and type of surgery.

The results showed that rates for referral to and enrolment in phase 2 CR were robust at (84%) and (87%), respectively. Factors assessed with non-referral and non-enrollment included female sex, older age, living alone and below-average income.

“Phase 2 CR referral and enrolment rates for patients following open-heart surgery were well over 80%, suggesting adequate adherence to professional guidelines,” the researchers said.