Hiring Nurse Practitioners

The shortage of primary care physicians in the US has led the movement to remove scope-of-practice barriers for nurses and allowed them to expand their careers as Nurse Practitioners (NPs). Presently, 22 states and the District of Columbia give full practice authority to NPs and more states are slated to change their laws.

According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) “The demand for nurse practitioner’s has never been higher.” There are currently 234,000 NPs in the U.S. with an additional 23,000 graduating each year. This growing momentum has created a new opportunity for healthcare recruiters.

Recruiters can seize this opportunity to hire NPs not only for brick-and-mortar positions but also in the fast-growing area of Telemedicine.

How to attract your candidate pool:

(1) Provide a competitive compensation package.

(2) Appeal to NPs who want to further their careers.

(3)Appeal to those who seek more autonomy. Nurse Practitioners provide a full range of services, such as ordering performing and interpreting diagnostic tests; diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions; prescribing medications and treatments; and managing overall patient care.

(4) Offer a work-life balance. In the field of Telemedicine, NPs can choose shifts and number of hours worked.

NPs are leading the healthcare revolution. Recruiters, take advantage! This is a favorable time for you to explore possibilities in this growing field