Surgical Outcomes in Patients with Retinal Detachment Treated with Novel Heavy Silicone Oil

A study assessed the safety and efficacy of a heavy silicone oil (Densiron® XTRA) in the management of retinal detachments (RD). The findings were presented at the American Society of Retina Specialists 2021 Annual Meeting.


This retrospective chart review, led by Radinder S. Nirwan and colleagues, consisted of 74 eyes (43 right and 31 left) among 74 patients (50 male and 24 female) aged 18 to 90 years who underwent treatment of RD with silicone oil. Standard three-port pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) was performed in all patients.  In the population of interest, three patients required cryotherapy, 21 patients required a scleral buckle, 71 patients required the use of perfluoro-N-octane (PFO), 29 patients required peeling, and 18 patients underwent retinectomy. The primary endpoint was defined as retinal reattachment at time of oil removal and 6 months post-oil removal. Secondary outcomes were defined as visual acuity at 6 months and complications.

The results showed that at the time of oil removal, 78.1% of eyes remained anatomically attached, while about 22% re-detached. Of the 14 eyes that re-detached, four required additional surgery within six months of oil removal for recurrent detachments. Regarding visual acuity, 66% of eyes demonstrated improvement, 14% experienced a decline, and 20% had no change in vision. Intraocular pressure elevation requiring treatment was noted in 36.5% of eyes, with 15 needing prolonged treatment. Moreover, of the 58 patients with six months post-oil removal data, 74.1% were successfully reattached with one surgery with heavy silicone oil.


“Densiron® XTRA is a safe and effective heavy-silicone oil for the use of retinal detachments, particularly inferior detachments,” the researchers concluded.


Source: Nirwan R, et al. Surgical Outcomes in Patients with Retinal Detachment Treated with Novel Heavy Silicone Oil. Published for ASRS 2021; October 8-12, 2021, San Antonio, TX.