MOMENTUM-3: HeartMate 3 Linked with Reduced Clotting and Decrease in Strokes

Results from the MOMENTUM- 3 trial, presented at the 2018 American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions (ACC.18) suggested that use of the HeartMate 3 was associated with a reduction in device-related clotting and a significant reduction in risk for stroke, compared with current versions of the heart pump.   

Researchers for the study enrolled 1,028 patients with heart failure (six-month outcomes for 294 of the patients were reported in 2016; this study reports outcomes on 366 patients who completed two years of follow-up). Patients were randomized to receive either a HeartMate II or HeartMate 3 and usual care following implantation. The researchers set the primary endpoint as the combined rate of disabling stroke, device malfunction requiring surgery, or death from heart failure.   

According to the results, 1% of patients with the HeartMate 3 required additional surgery, compared with 17% in the HeartMate II group. When it came to stroke, patients with the HeartMate 3 had a 10% stroke rate, compared with 19% in the HeartMate II group. A lack of blinding was cited as a study limitation.  

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