Plantar Heel Pain Common Among Older Adults

In this study, researchers evaluated the prevalence and factors associated with plantar heel pain in adults, as well as associated healthcare use. A total of 5,109 adults aged ≥ 50 years responded to a health survey via mail pertaining to plantar heel pain. Plantar heel pain was reported in 9.6% of respondents (95% CI: 8.8–10.5), and 7.9% reported disabling plantar heel pain (95% CI: 7.1–8.7%). Pain spanned all age groups. Females were slightly more likely to report plantar heel pain. The following factors were associated with plantar heel pain: physical and mental impairment, more anxiety and depression, being overweight, a low previous use of high-heeled footwear, and lower levels of physical activity and participation. Overall, 43% of respondents said they consulted with a general practitioner during the last 12 months regarding their foot pain; 32.8% and 15.1% of respondents reported a 12-month history of consulting a podiatrist/chiropodist, respectively, for their foot pain.

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