Cardiovascular Disease Linked to Early Mortality in Multiple Myeloma

Researchers from the Polish Myeloma Working Group published a report exploring risk factors of early mortality, defined as death within one year of diagnosis, among patients being treated for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM).

“Despite the progress made in MM treatment, approximately 10–15% of patients die within the first year of diagnosis,” wrote the authors.

In order to identify factors influencing early mortality, the investigators enrolled 197 patients diagnosed with symptomatic MM between October 2006 and November 2019. All patients died within 12 months of initial diagnosis. The median overall survival rate was 2.5 months.

Early mortality was due to infection in 35% of patients and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in 14.2% of patients. Mortality due to MM progression occurred in 23.8% of patients.

The researchers conducted a multivariate analysis and found that factors like a history of CVD (P = 0.04), undergoing dialysis (P = 0.03), and response to treatment (P < 0.001) were associated with higher risk of early mortality.

In conclusion, the authors wrote, “When qualifying patients with newly diagnosed MM for chemotherapy, it is necessary to consider … the history of comorbidities, including CVD.”

This study was published in the Polish Archives of Internal Medicine.