Association Between TNF-α Polymorphisms and Multiple Myeloma Risk and Survival

A review and meta-analysis published in Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia, investigated the association between the polymorphisms, -308G/A (rs1800629) and -238G/A (rs361525), and risk and survival of multiple myeloma (MM). The authors found no significant association between the two TNF-α polymorphisms and risk or survival of MM.


The study, conducted by Christina Alymatiri and colleagues, identified eligible articles for meta-analysis by searching the PubMed database until June 18, 2020. The study used the random-effects model to calculate the pooled effect estimates. Researchers calculated the between-study heterogeneity and deviation of genotype frequencies in controls from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Additionally, they analyzed ethnicity subgroups.


The meta-analysis of risk included 18 studies with 2,934 test cases and 4,291 controls, and the meta-analysis of survival included five studies with 557 cases. The investigators observed no association between the -308G/A and -238G/A TNF-α polymorphisms, and MM susceptibility for both Caucasian and East Asian populations. There was also no association found between the two TNF-α polymorphisms and overall, or progression-free survival of MM.


The authors concluded that the analysis “did not reveal a significant effect of -308G/A and -238G/A TNF-α polymorphisms upon risk or survival of MM.”