ECG Imaging Maps Activation and Repolarization Parameters Accurately

Researchers looking to provide a comparison of ECG imaging and contact-mapping (CARTO) electrograms performed simultaneous epicardial mapping using CARDIO and ECG imaging in eight patients with structural heart disease. The researchers compared morphology, activation time, and repolarization time, and assessed agreement between activation time and repolarization time using various statistical tools. A total of 711 ECG imaging and CARDO points were paired per patients, according to the results. Morphological similarity, according to the median correlation coefficient, was 0.71 for the entire signal, 0.67 for the QRS complexes, and 0.57 for T waves. “This simultaneous assessment demonstrates that ECGI maps activation and repolarization parameters with moderate accuracy,” wrote the researchers. “ECGI and contact electrogram correlation is sensitive to electrode apposition and geometric alignment. Further technological developments may improve spatial resolution.”