ENSURE-AF: Edoxaban Therapy Linked with Resource Reduction, Treatment Satisfaction

Authors for this study compared the utilization of health care resources and treatment satisfaction of edoxaban with enoxaparin/warfarin, followed by warfarin alone, in 2,199 nonvalvular AFib patients undergoing cardioversion. Patients completed PACT-Q2 questionnaires on day 28 post-cardioversion, with higher scores representing greater satisfaction. Resource utilization was collected at randomization. The results suggested that edoxaban was associated with fewer clinic visits (p<0.001) and fewer hospital days (p<0.05). Edoxaban therapy was also associated with a cost saving of $246.32 per patient in the United States.

Goette A, Kwong W, Ezekowitz M, et al. EP Europace. 2018;doi:10.1093/europace/euy141