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CardioNerds at SCAI SHOCK 2022: The AHA Cardiogenic Shock Registry

AHA Cardiogenic Shock Registryvideo
The American Heart Association (AHA) recently created the Cardiogenic Shock Registry to enhance the quality of care and understanding of patients presenting with cardiogenic shock across the United States. According to the AHA, a few aims of the registry include: Provide high-quality evidence that...

CardioNerds at SCAI SHOCK 2022: The VANQUISH Shock Registry

VANQUISH Shock Registryvideo
Despite advances in treatment, cardiogenic shock (CS) outcomes remain dire. As such, researchers initiated the Multicenter Collaborative to Enhance Biological Understanding, Quality and Outcomes in Cardiogenic Shock registry (VANQUISH Shock), which aims to assess unrestricted adult patients with CS at several North American centers. In...

CardioNerds Spotlight: Positive Pressure Ventilation in the CICU

In this episode, experts discuss the basics of mechanical ventilation, including the physiology/pathophysiology of negative and positive pressure breathing, a review of ventilator modes, and a framework for outlining the goals of mechanical ventilation. They also apply these principles to patients in the CICU,...

A Special Discussion on Cardiogenic Shock and Valvular Heart Disease

This episode discusses cardiogenic shock due to valvular heart disease. Join Dr. Pranoti Hiremath, interventional cardiology fellow, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Dr. Karan Desai, cardiology fellow, University of Maryland; Dr. Yoav Karpenshif, chief cardiology fellow, University of Pennsylvania; and Dr. Amit Goyal, CardioNerds Co-Founder, for...

Hemodynamic Evaluation of Cardiogenic Shock With Dr. Nosheen Reza

The hemodynamic evaluation of cardiogenic shock obtained via a Swan-Ganz catheter plays an essential role in the characterization of cardiogenic shock patients. Join Dr. Nosheen Reza, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant cardiologist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania,...

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