87. Case Report: Giant Coronary Aneurysm Presenting with Heart Failure – University of Hawaii

Aloha!CardioNerds(Amit Goyal&Karan Desai) join University of Hawaii cardiology fellows (Isaac Mizrahi, NathLimpruttidham, Nishant Trivedi, and Shana Greif) for some shaved iced on the Big Island’s north shore! They discuss a fascinating case of a patient presenting with decompensated heart failure found to have a giant coronary aneurysm. Program director Dr. Dipanjan Banerjee provides the E-CPR aswell as a message for applicants. Episode notes were developed by Johns Hopkins internal medicine residentTommy Daswith mentorship from University of Maryland cardiology fellowKaran Desai.

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Episode graphic by Dr. Carine Hamo

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Patient Summary

A man in his early 60s with history of hypertension, peripheral arterial disease, atrial fibrillation, and AAA s/p repair presented with subacute fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, and lower extremity edema. On exam he was warm and well perfused, though hypotensive, tachycardic with an irregular rhythm, and had an elevated JVP. ECG showed AF with RVR without evidence of acute MI, and troponin was negative. TTE revealed a reduced LVEF and WMA in the inferolateral walls with akinesis of the basal mid septum; additionally, two large extracardiac structures were noted, one with heterogenous echotexture in the AV groove, and a second with an echolucent interior adjacent to the RA.

The patient underwent coronary angiography, showing a dilated and calcified proximal LAD with high grade stenosis adjacent to the first septal perforator, a ectatic LCX that supplied left to right collaterals, and a giant RCA aneurysm with TIMI 0 flow distally. CCTA confirmed these findings, showing thrombosed aneurysms of the LAD, LCX,