83. Living with Adult Congenital Heart Disease: The Life & Legacy of Jeremy Keck

In Episode #82, we met Jeremy Keck as a patient born with L-TGA and DILV treated with Fontan procedure. Now, in this very special episode, we meet Jeremy Keck beyond his heart disease through the eyes of his loving wife Ana Keck. His legacy underscores the importance of seeing our patients as people beyond their illness, in the context of their lives, values, and loved ones. We learn to appreciate the full life one can live with complex adult congenital heart disease but also of the work that remains to be done. This powerful discussion is led by Dr. Evelyn Song (internal medicine resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital), Dr. Pablo Sanchez (cardiology fellow at Stanford University), and Dr. MichaelLandzberg(cardiovascular and palliative care faculty and former director of ACHD at Brigham and Women’s Hospital).​

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In Loving Memory of Jeremy Keck

Jeremy Keck was a giant within the construction industry and accomplished so much in his 37 years of life. However, his greatest point of pride was his family. He is survived by his wife Ana, two young daughters, Emilee and Kaylee, his parents, Jeff and Terri Keck, brother Kevinn (Deana) Keck, nephews Jeremy and Payne, and nieces Taylore and Payge. Jeremy also had a heart for philanthropy. He was an active supporter of the Heart Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

In an interview with The Arizona Republic in 2015, Jeremy said he wouldn’t change his experience even if he had the chance. “I have a perspective on life that you can’t teach anybody,” he said. “You can’t even explain it to people. The small things that happen that might not go your way seem pretty minor.” Jeremy had such a positive impact on those around him, inspiring everyone to live life to the fullest. He will be deeply missed.

Visit Jeremy’s gofundme page for more information.

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