226. Case Report: Fall from Grace – A Case of Pulmonary Embolism – Massachusetts General Hospital

CardioNerds (Amit and Dan) join join Dr. Andrew Dicks (Vascular medicine physician at Prisma Health, former fellow at Mass General Vascular) and Dr. Prateek Sharma (Vascular interventional & medicine fellow at MGH) for an ice-cold drinks at the Esplanade in Boston, MA to discuss a case about a patient who developed a pulmonary embolism and masterfully discuss the diagnosis and management of of pulmonary emboli. Dr. Ido Weinberg (Director, Vascular Medicine Fellowship at MGH) provides the ECPR for this episode.

Case Abstract: A 59-year-old Spanish-speaking man with no significant past medical history presents after falling 15-20 feet from a ladder and landing on his back. He was found to have an L1 fracture and left radial fracture and underwent T12-L2 fusion with neurosurgery on hospital day 1 and ORIF of left radial fracture with orthopedic surgery on hospital day 2. On hospital day 5, he develops acute onset tachycardia with HR in the 130s bpm with new O2 requirement associated with mild shortness of breath at rest without any chest discomfort. His labs were notable for an elevated troponin and proBNP. He underwent CTPA which demonstrated acute bilateral occlusive pulmonary emboli (PE) extending in the right and left main pulmonary arteries. TTE demonstrated right ventricle dilation. The patient was started on a heparin infusion and a PE response team (PERT) meeting was held to discuss treatment options. Given recent surgery, use of thrombolytic therapy was felt to be too risky and thus he was taken for percutaneous thrombectomy in the cath lab. PA pressure prior to intervention was 51/21 mmHg. The patient underwent suction thromboembelectomy with the Flow Triever device with extraction of thrombus and improvement in PA pressure to 19/11 mmHg. He was treated with anticoagulation thereafter and discharged home two days after the procedure.

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