173. Case Report: A Block and a Leak Lead to Shock – Weill Cornell

CardioNerds(Amit GoyalandDaniel Ambinder) join Dr. Jaya Kanduri, Dr. Dan Lu, and Dr. Joe Wang from Weill Cornell Cardiology for Levain cookies in Central Park. The ECPR is provided by Dr. Harsimran Singh (Cardiology Program Director and Interventional Cardiologist with expertise in ACHD).

We discuss a case of a 24-year-old female with a history of unicuspid aortic valve with associated aortopathy status post mechanical aortic valve replacement and Bentall procedure at age 16 presents with acute onset substernal chest pain and shortness of breath. She was found to have mechanical aortic valve obstruction and severe aortic regurgitation resulting in cardiogenic shock. Unfortunately, the shock quickly progressed to refractory cardiac arrest requiring mechanical support with VA-ECMO before valve debridement was performed in the operating room. The differential for mechanical prosthetic valve stenosis includes pannus, thrombus, or vegetation. She was eventually found to have thrombus obstructing the outflow tract and holding the mechanical leaflets open leading to torrential regurgitation. She underwent successful surgical debridement. We discuss unicuspid aortic valve and associated aortopathy, surgical considerations regarding AVR, diagnosis and management of prosthetic valve dysfunction, approach to cardiogenic shock and considerations around activating and managing VA-ECMO.

With this episode, the CardioNerds family warmly welcomesWeill Cornell Cardiologyto theCardioNerds Healy Honor Roll. The CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll programs support and foster the the CardioNerds spirit and mission of democratizing cardiovascular education. Healy Honor Roll programs nominate fellows from their program who are highly motivated and are passionate about medical education. The Weill Cornell fellowship program director, Dr. Harsimran Singh has nominated Dr. Jaya Kanduri for this position.

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