169. Case Report: Chest pain in a Young Man – “A Gray (Gy) Area” – UC San Diego

CardioNerds(Amit GoyalandDaniel Ambinder) join Dr. Patrick Azcarate and Dr. Antoinette Birs from the University of California San Diego along with a guest host Dr. Christine Shen from Scripps Health for a hike along Torrey Pines. They discuss a case of a 30-year-old man with a history of malignant thymoma status post two partial lung resections and radiation for pleural/pulmonary metastasis, as well as a history of myasthenia gravis on rituximab, and Ig deficiency on IVIG presents with progressive exertional chest pain. We focus on the differential diagnosis of patients with a history of chest radiation exposure and dive into the complex management and surveillance for patients with radiation associated cardiac disease (RACD). The E-CPR is provided by Dr. Milind Desai (multimodality cardiovascular imaging expert, Director of Clinical Operations, Director of Center for HCM, Medical Director for Center for Aortic Diseases, and Medical Director for Center for Radiation Heart Disease at the Cleveland Clinic).

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