134. Nuclear and Multimodality Imaging: Cardiac Sarcoidosis

CardioNerd Amit Goyal is joined by Dr. Erika Hutt (Cleveland Clinic general cardiology fellow), Dr. Aldo Schenone (Brigham and Women’s advanced cardiovascular imaging fellow), and Dr. Wael Jaber (Cleveland Clinic cardiovascular imaging staff and co-founder of Cardiac Imaging Agora) to discuss nuclear and complimentary multimodality cardiovascular imaging for the evaluation of cardiac sarcoidosis. Show notes created by Dr. Hussain Khalid (University of Florida general cardiology fellow and CardioNerds Academy fellow in House Thomas). To learn more about multimodality cardiovascular imaging, check out Cardiac Imaging Agora!

Cardiac sarcoidosis is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality for patients with sarcoidosis. A high index of suspicion is needed for the diagnosis as it is often recognized late or unrecognized. It is difficult to diagnose given the focal nature of the cardiac involvement limiting the utility of biopsy and the available clinical criteria have limited diagnostic accuracy. Multimodality imaging plays a large role in the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiac sarcoidosis with the different imaging modalities offering complimentary information and functions. 

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“It’s not important for you to love the Soviet Union. It’s important for the Soviet Union to love you back [Stalin regarding the famous dissonant Russian poet Anna Akhmatova]. When we talk about PET, you love PET, but the PET has to love you back, and it has to love you back in a way where you have to know how to approach this test. With, first, some humility about its limitations: 1) inflammation is universal…and 2) the prep is extremely important.”  — 11:25

“A test without a good preparation is a preparation to fail.” –15:30