121. Case Report: Complex Shock in Shone Complex – University of Wisconsin-Madison

CardioNerds (Amit Goyal & Daniel Ambinder) join Dr. Rayan Jo Rachwan, Dr. Anupama Joseph, and Dr. Mohammed Merchant from the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a classic Madison dinner cruise! They discuss the following case: Mixed shock secondary to severe right ventricular outflow tract obstruction with Gemella Haemolysans prosthetic pulmonary valve endocarditis in a young patient with Shone Complex (syndrome). Dr. Ford Ballantyne III provides the E-CPR segment for this episode. Special introductory music composed by Dr. Rayan Jo Rachwan. We are excited to welcome University of Wisconsin- Madison to the CardioNerds Healy Honor Roll and Dr. Rayan Jo Rachwan as the CardioNerds Ambassador.

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Patient Summary

A 26-year-old male with history of bicuspid aortic valve and Shone Complex (syndrome)—status post coarctation repair, subaortic resection and Ross-Konno operation—presenting with 3 months of constitutional and respiratory symptoms. Initial evaluation demonstrated that patient was in a state of mixed shock due to a large pulmonary Melody valve thrombus with superimposed Gemella Haemolysans prosthetic valve endocarditis. He required treatment with inotropes, pressors, followed by intubation and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). Patient was treated initially via right heart catheterization with balloon dilation and stent placement to his right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery conduit, which lead to significant improvement in his hemodynamics. Patient was then decannulated from ECMO, extubated, weaned off pressor support and later underwent a succe…