120. The Braunwald Chronicles: Triple Threats, Randomized Controlled Trials, Textbooks & Digital Education

CardioNerds (Amit GoyalDaniel AmbinderCarine Hamoand Karan Desai) are honored to bring to you the Braunwald Chronicles. These are stories of discovery, innovation, accidents, perseverance, and more…truly these are the stories of cardiology, directly from a father of modern cardiology himself, Dr. Eugene Braunwald. Dr. Braunwald’s life and stories together are the saga which have brought us to this day in modern cardiology. So please join us for this wonderful series, as we journey through the history of cardiology, across 6 extraordinary chapters. We complete The CardioNerds Braunwald Chronicles with Chapter 6 where Dr. Braunwald discusses triple threats, randomized controlled trials, textbooks & digital education. He reflects on the impact he has had through education through text books and how being an educator has been just as gratifying to him as being a scientist.

We thank Dr. Karan Desai, Editorial APD with theCardioNerds Academy, and fellow at University of Maryland, for all the work he put into designing the Braunwald Chronicles. Audio editing byPace Wetstein.

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