102. Nuclear and Multimodality Imaging: Myocardial Viability

CardioNerdAmit Goyal is joined byDr. Erika Hutt(Cleveland Clinic general cardiology fellow),Dr. Aldo Schenone(Brigham and Women’s advanced cardiovascular imaging fellow), andDr. Wael Jaber(Cleveland Clinic cardiovascular imaging staff and co-founder ofCardiac Imaging Agora) to discuss nuclear and complimentary multimodality cardiovascular imaging for the evaluation of myocardial viability. Show notes & #Tweetorial were created by Dr. Hussain Khalid(University of Florida general cardiology fellow andCardioNerdsAcademy fellow in House Thomas).To learn more about multimodality cardiovascular imaging, check outCardiac Imaging Agora!

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Show Notes & Take Home Pearls

In response to ischemia the myocardium can dynamically change along a spectrum from myocardial stunning to myocardial hibernation to myocardial necrosis. The goals of viability testing are to identify patients who may benefit from revascularization as hibernating or stunned myocardium are potentially reversible causes of LV dysfunction. There are numerous imaging modalities available for the evaluation of myocardial viability. The broad range of ways in which myocardial viability is assessed speaks to the complexity of the disease spectrum and the difficulty in creating a unifying definition of viability to assess in clinical trials.

Five Take Home Pearls