Perceived Social Isolation and Heart Failure Outcomes

Researchers seeking to explore a potential link between perceived social isolation and negative heart failure outcomes looked at residents from 11 southeast counties (n=3,867) who were prospectively surveyed to determine perceived social isolation. According to the results, 1,681 completed all questions. Of those, 312 reported moderate perceived social isolation and 108 reported high isolation. Following adjustment, patients reporting a moderate level of isolation did not have additional risk for death, hospitalizations or ED visits. Those reporting high levels of isolation, however, were at a >3.5-fold greater risk for death, a 68% increased risk for hospitalization, and a 57% increased risk of ED visits. Patients reporting moderate perceived isolation had a 16% increase in the risk for outpatient visits compared to those reporting low isolation. Those reporting high isolation saw a 26% increased risk for outpatient visits. 

Source: Journal of the American Heart Association