European Guidelines Treatment of High Blood Pressure: A First Look

New European Guidelines for the treatment of high blood pressure (BP) were presented at the European Society of Hypertension meeting in Barcelona on June 9, 2018In a recent study published in European Heart Journalresearchers discuss the guidelines that have been jointly developed by clinicians representing the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the European Society of Hypertension (ESH). 

The guidelines were developed by a team led by Prof. Bryan Williams (ESC Chairperson), London UK and Prof. Giuseppe Mancia (ESH Chairperson), Milan, ItalyThese “ten commandments” provide recommendations for doctors across Europe to diagnose hypertension, evaluate risk, and when and how to treat hypertension and reduce risk. 

The guidelines include coverage on: 

  • The definition of hypertension 
  • Screening and diagnosis of hypertension 
  • When to consider drug treatment of hypertension 
  • Special considerations in frail and older patients 
  • How low should BP be lowered? 
  • Treatment of hypertension 
  • Start treatment in most patients with two drugs, not one 
  • A single pill strategy to treat hypertension 
  • A simplified drug treatment algorithm 
  • Managing cardiovascular disease risk in hypertensive patients 

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SOURCE: European Heart Journal