Telemental health service in child and adolescent psychiatry

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Psychiatr Hung. 2021;36(2):124-142.


INTRODUCTION: Even though mental disorders present significant health burden worldwide, most patients with mental disorders do not receive adequate healthcare. The possibility of telemental health service came into prominence in Hungary due to the restriciton of face-to-face doctor-patient meetings. The present review, based on the last 20 years’ scientific literature, aims to summarize the feasability, efficacy and effectivity of telemedicine services in child and adolescent psychiatry.

METHOD: A review by Gloff et al (17) summarized telepsychiatry service in children and adolescents before 2015. A literature search was generated in order to summarize current knowledge based on 3 international databases (Pubmed, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews és Web of Science) for scientific publi – cations after 2015. Search words were telemental health, children, adolescent, and telepsychiatry.

RESULTS: International literature showed similar feasability, efficacy and effectivity of evidence based diagnostic and therapeutic methods in tele- child and adolescent psychiatry as in face-to-face services.

CONCLUSION: The application of telemedicine in child and adolescent psychiatry is internationally accepted, feasible and effective. Its widespread use in Hungary would require a professional protocol which specifies the conditions and advices of telemental health services in this age group.