Qualitative process evaluation of the Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP): study protocol.

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Qualitative process evaluation of the Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP): study protocol.

BMJ Open. 2019 Jul 10;9(7):e030214

Authors: Wagstaff D, Moonesinghe SR, Fulop NJ, Vindrola-Padros C

INTRODUCTION: The Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP) is designed to measure complications after major elective surgery and improve these through feedback of data to clinicians. Previous research suggests that despite the significant resources which go into collecting data for national clinical audits, the information they contain is not always used effectively to improve local services.
METHODS AND ANALYSIS: We will conduct a formative process evaluation of PQIP comprising a multisited qualitative study to analyse PQIP’s programme theory, barriers, facilitators and wider contextual factors that influence implementation. The research will be carried out with the PQIP project team and six National Health Service (NHS) Trusts in England, selected according to geographical location, type of hospital, size and level of engagement with PQIP. We will include one Trust which has not expressed interest in the PQIP for comparison and to explore the role of secular trend in any changes in practice. We will use semi-structured interviews (up to 144 in Trusts and 12 with the project team), non-participant observations (up to 150  hours) and documentary analysis. We will track the lifecycle of perioperative data, exploring the transformations it undergoes from creation to use. We will use framework analysis with categories both from our research questions and from themes emerging from the data.
ETHICS AND DISSEMINATION: Ethical approval has been granted from the University College London Research Ethics Committee (ref 10375/001). Permissions to conduct research at NHS Trusts have been granted by local Research and Development offices in coordination with the Health Research Authority. We will follow guidelines for data security, confidentiality and information governance. Findings will be shared at regular time points with the PQIP project team to inform the implementation of the programme, and with participating NHS Trusts to help them reflect on how they currently use data for improvement of perioperative services.

PMID: 31296515 [PubMed – in process]