Patient perceptions of antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures after total joint arthroplasty


Investigating patients’ perceptions regarding need for antibiotic prophylaxis during dental procedures after undergoing joint arthroplasty.


Questionnaire was administered to patients presenting at: 1)an orthopaedic office; 2)a dental office; regarding perceptions of antibiotic prophylaxis.


36 orthopaedic patients responded “Yes” to always taking prophylaxis; 36 patients responded “No” (36/72, 50.0% compliance). Five dental patients responded “Yes” to always taking prophylaxis; 19 patients responded “No” (5/24, 20.8% compliance) (p = 0.017). 67/135 orthopaedic patients (49.6%) endorsed some form of dental prophylaxis, versus 34/58 dental patients (58.6%) (p = 0.27).


Patient perceptions of the need for dental prophylaxis vary within orthopaedic and dental practices.