Posterior knee arthroscopy facilitates the safe and effective all-inside repair of locked bucket-handle medial meniscal tear using a suture hook technique

Purpose: This study reported the outcomes of locked bucket-handle medial meniscal tear (BHMMT) repairs using an arthroscopic posterior approach during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.

Methods: Between 2011 and 2014, 48 patients with BHMMTs and ACL tears who met the eligibility criteria were enrolled in the present study. BHMMTs were assessed using a posterolateral transseptal portal and repaired using a posteromedial portal. Transportal ACL reconstruction was performed using hamstrings autograft. Patients were assessed based on their IKDC and Lysholm scores and Tegner activity level. Meniscal healing was clinically evaluated based on the absence of swelling, joint line tenderness, locking, and catching; McMurray test results; and the need for meniscectomy.

Results: According to follow-up assessments, the average IKDC and Lysholm scores improved significantly after 3-5 years (P < 0.001) CONCLUSION: Excellent clinical outcomes were obtained when locked BHMMTs were repaired using an all-inside suture technique that employed posteromedial and posterolateral transseptal portals.

Level of evidence: IV.

Keywords: Bucket-handle medial meniscal tears; Medical meniscus; Meniscal repair; Posterolateral portal; Posteromedial portal; Transseptal portal.