Performance of age-adjusted D-dimer values for predicting DVT before the knee and hip arthroplasty

Purpose: To compare the specificity and sensitivity of preoperative D-dimer and age-adjusted D-dimer value for predicting the incidence of the DVT preoperatively in total joint arthroplasty (TJA) patients.

Methods: We enrolled 406 patients finally above 50 years old. Everyone had done ultrasonography bedside, and D-dimer concentrations were collected before surgery. The D-dimer and age-adjusted D-dimer cut-off was calculated by multiple logistic regression and receiver operating curve (ROC) analyses.

Results: A total of 39 patients had found asymptomatic deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by ultrasonography. The age (odds ratio [OR] 1.067; p = 0.003) and D-dimer (OR 1.331; p = 0.025) were related to the existence of DVT. For conventional D-dimer and age-adjusted D-dimer value, the area under the curves (AUCs) were 0.685 (0.499-0.696) and 0.795 (0.611-0.881), respectively.

Conclusion: Compared to traditional D-dimer, age-adjusted D-dimer showed better performance in screening DVT, which was useful clinically.