Long-term Results of the Open Latarjet Procedure for Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Instability in Patients Older Than 40 Years


Subgroup analyses of the Latarjet procedure have suggested that age over 40 years is a risk factor for dislocation arthropathy.


To analyze long-term results of the open Latarjet procedure for recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation in patients at least 40 years of age.


Case series; Level of evidence, 4.


39 consecutive patients (40 shoulders) with a mean age of 48 years (range, 40-66 years) at surgery were evaluated at a mean follow-up of 11.0 years (range, 8-16 years). Of these, 15 patients (38%) had undergone previous soft tissue stabilization surgery. Long-term results were assessed clinically and radiographically, including computed tomography scanning at final follow-up.


No recurrence of dislocation was noted. Subluxation had occurred in 3 patients (8%), and apprehension persisted in 5 patients (13%). The total Walch-Duplay score averaged 89 points at the final follow-up, and the mean Subjective Shoulder Value (60%-91%) had improved significantly (P < .001). In total, 36 patients rated their result as excellent, 3 as good. Further, 6 patients (15%) underwent joint-preserving reoperation, and 1 patient (3%) had reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for severe dislocation arthropathy. Dislocation arthropathy was severe in 14 patients (37%) and had progressed by at least 2 grades in 17 patients (45%). Patients with severe dislocation arthropathy had already shown degenerative changes preoperatively as opposed to those who ultimately had no or moderate dislocation arthropathy (n = 24) (P < .001). Progression of dislocation arthropathy was associated with lateral (>1 mm) graft positioning (P < .001) and older age at surgery (r = 0.58; P < .001).


The open Latarjet procedure for recurrent anterior shoulder instability in patients older than 40 years reliably restores stability and leads to high patient satisfaction. This procedure is, however, associated with a substantial rate of advanced but clinically mild symptomatic dislocation arthropathy, which is associated with the degree of preoperative joint degeneration, older age at surgery, and lateral graft placement.

 2019 Sep 12:363546519872501. doi: 10.1177/0363546519872501. [Epub ahead of print]