Lanreotide Reduces Liver Volume Growth

In addition to the kidney, ADPKD affects the liver; more than 80% of patients develop hepatic cysts. While many patients remain asymptomatic, there are no available treatments to ameliorate hepatomegaly-related pain, shortness of breath, and other symptoms. Researchers in The Netherlands, led by René M M van Aerts, MD, published results of a study showing that, compared with standard care, patients with ADPKD with large livers had significantly reduced liver volume growth after 120 weeks of treatment with lanreotide; the benefit persisted at least 4 months following treatment cessation. Study results were reported in Gastroenterology.

The researchers said, “Lanreotide not only reduces liver volume by 5.9%, but it also attenuates  growth in kidney volume, resulting in a 7.2% reduction of combined liver and kidney volume compared with the standard of care.”