Automatic Behavior Analysis During a Clinical Interview with a Virtual Human

SimSensei is a Virtual Human (VH) interviewing platform that uses off-the-shelf sensors (i.e., webcams, Microsoft Kinect and a microphone) to capture and interpret real-time audiovisual behavioral signals from users interacting with the VH system. The system was specifically designed for clinical interviewing and health care support by providing a face-to-face interaction between a user and a VH that can automatically react to the inferred state of the user through analysis of behavioral signals gleaned from the user’s facial expressions, body gestures and vocal parameters. Akin to how non-verbal behavioral signals have an impact on human-to-human interaction and communication, SimSensei aims to capture and infer user state from signals generated from user non-verbal communication to improve engagement between a VH and a user and to quantify user state from the data captured across a 20 minute interview. Results from of sample of service members (SMs) who were interviewed before and after a deployment to Afghanistan indicate that SMs reveal more PTSD symptoms to the VH than they report on the Post Deployment Health Assessment. Pre/Post deployment facial expression analysis indicated more sad expressions and few happy expressions at post deployment.