2020 Clinical Practice Guideline for Percutaneous Transthoracic Needle Biopsy of Pulmonary Lesions: A Consensus Statement and Recommendations of the Korean Society of Thoracic Radiology

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Korean J Radiol. 2020 Nov 19. doi: 10.3348/kjr.2020.0137. Online ahead of print.


Percutaneous transthoracic needle biopsy (PTNB) is one of the essential diagnostic procedures for pulmonary lesions. Its role is increasing in the era of CT screening for lung cancer and precision medicine. The Korean Society of Thoracic Radiology developed the first evidence-based clinical guideline for PTNB in Korea by adapting pre-existing guidelines. The guideline provides 39 recommendations for the following four main domains of 12 key questions: the indications for PTNB, pre-procedural evaluation, procedural technique of PTNB and its accuracy, and management of post-biopsy complications. We hope that these recommendations can improve the diagnostic accuracy and safety of PTNB in clinical practice and promote standardization of the procedure nationwide.

PMID:33236542 | DOI:10.3348/kjr.2020.0137