Abstract Perspective: Randomised study of PF-06410293, an adalimumab (ADL) biosimilar, compared with reference ADL for the treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis: results from weeks 26-52, including a treatment switch from reference ADL to PF-06410293


“Study PF-06410293 evaluated the efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of a biosimilar of adalimumab compared to adalimumab itself. In the original 24 weeks of the study equivalent numbers of patients were treated with the biosimilar as with adalimumab. Efficacy, safety and immunogenicity were found to be comparable. During weeks 26-52, the subject of this current report, patients originally treated with the biosimilar remained on the biosimilar while the patients treated with adalimumab were either continued on adalimumab or, importantly, immediately switched to therapy with the biosimilar. This arm is of great interest as it assessed whether there would be loss of efficacy, decreased safety or increased immunogenicity with switching from adalimumab to biosimilar adalimumab, a clinically very important question. The results of this treatment period showed that there were no clinically significant differences in efficacy, safety and immunogenicity in the arm where patients were switched from adalimumab to biosimilar adalimumab compared to the arms where the biosimilar or adalimumab were continued. This would seem to indicate that a switch is very likely to be successful in patients switching from adalimumab to biosimilar adalimumab.”

– Study author Roy Fleischmann, MD, MACR