Abstract Perspective: Hip Arthroscopy Volume and Reoperations in a Large Cross-sectional Population: High Rate of Subsequent Revision Hip Arthroscopy in Young Patients and Total Hip Arthroplasty in Older Patients


“Our study showed that in a large administrative dataset, the previously reported rising rate of hip arthroscopy surgery in the United States may be starting to plateau in more recent years. This data also showed a higher than expected rate of revision hip arthroscopy within 2 years in young patients (18% for age 10-19 and 15% for age 20-29). The most common revision procedures were arthroscopic femoroplasty and labral repair. Lastly, the rate of conversion to hip arthroplasty within 2 years of hip arthroscopy was very high for older patients (28% for age 50-59 and 36% for age 60-69). These results further caution hip arthroscopy surgery for patients over age 50 but also demonstrate the need for a thorough femoroplasty and robust labral repair at the index surgery in young patients as revision surgery to address these areas are more common than previously reported.”

– Alan Zhang, MD, FAAOS, study author