Abstract Perspective: Numbness after medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: Prevalence and effect on functional outcome


“The prevalence of numbness around the knee post total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is well established, but less so in medial uni-compartmental knee arthroplasty (MUKA). We embarked on this study to analyse the effect of numbness on functional outcomes in patients post MUKA, and to draw comparisons in numbness around the knee post TKA versus MUKA.

We studied the different skin sensory nerve supplies of the knee as well as its relationship to arthroplasty scars and the areas of numbness post MUKA. Our study found the prevalence of numbness around the knee post MUKA to range between 58-66%. Though the prevalence of numbness was high, importantly, numbness did not affect the functional outcome scores of patients.

We hope this article would help in better understanding of the sensory supply of skin around the knee. The results would also help with perioperative counselling of patients undergoing knee arthroplasty.”

– Dr. Ming Quan Wayne Yap, study author