DocWire News Welcomes Urban Health Today to Our Network

DocWire News is excited to partner with Urban Health Today to carry its blog, which targets Healthcare providers serving the top 30 Urban centers in the US.  TPT Press, a WMBE, owns Urban Health Today, which publishes Urban Health Weekly and Urban Health Daily newsletters, circulated to 1.3 Million Healthcare Professionals living and working in urban settings across the United States.

About Urban Health Today

Eighty-four percent of our population – 271 million Americans living in cities – are being served by a Healthcare system that does not have a dedicated source of information with the urban healthcare provider in mind.

Healthcare professionals who serve in urban communities have to contend with a variety of conditions specific to these larger, densely populated centers. Infectious diseases, chronic and acute morbidities, and mental illness are some of the challenges the city healthcare provider regularly encounter. Racial and ethnic disparities in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions add to the problems that affect their patient population.

Urban Health Today is an independent news source that provides the healthcare professional with timely and relevant news and commentary about clinical developments in the field and about the impact of health care policy on the urban healthcare provider in particular.

Our Mission

Our staff of medical journalists strives to provide news that is fair, balanced, and accurate. We adhere to policies of fact verification and disclosures of interest by sources quoted in our articles. We encourage a lively forum of perspectives and opinions from our unique and diverse online communities. Information on this site aims to complement and not replace the information contained in our leading scientific journals.